Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau

Maya throws jugs with round bellies, bowls, tall cups, idealised, moving crockery as if it is intended to be used for a dream feast.
They are sometimes decorated with two or three pale circles like no one has ever done before, most often striped with immortal writing, dictated by the clouds and the songs.
This is how poetry becomes ceramic s with glazed edges. Without any warning, Maya has created a way of doing, a hand, a brand- not exactly a style- but then style seeks, repeats and fails, whilst in her case, it is eloquent.

Remy Pastor

Techniques used:
Stoneware decorated with slip, covered and fired at 1300°.

Wiso French School, Tel Aviv, studio of Raya Stern and Eti Goren
CNIFOP. SEMA P Courses. Dutertre and H. Rousseau  and several studios at La Borne (D. Legros, E. Astoul, S. Daigeler).


Photos : Lisa Derevycka


Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau


Chezal Boucaud – 18380 Ivoy le Pré

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