Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau

In Tel Aviv, at the age of 18, Maya’s wildest dream came true. She learned to turn clay. At La Borne, she learned the trade the old-fashioned way, going from workshop to workshop, right up to training at CNIFOP. She found her joy in turning identical series of pieces. She completed her apprenticeship with Hervé Rousseau. Then she had to learn to unlearn, to find her own sensibilities at Boisbelle. For the past twenty years or so, her tableware has graced potters’ markets. Her tableware has established itself with elegance, the result of vigorous turning. Her instinctive decoration is expressed with stamps, brushstrokes, writing, smudges, and geometric lines. Everything depends on her inspiration. Everything is fired with wood.

Bernard David


Techniques used:
Stoneware decorated with slip, covered and fired at 1300°.

Wiso French School, Tel Aviv, studio of Raya Stern and Eti Goren
CNIFOP. SEMA P Courses. Dutertre and H. Rousseau  and several studios at La Borne (D. Legros, E. Astoul, S. Daigeler).

Credits : Portrait of the artist by Lisa Derevycka, photos of the ceramics by Pascal Vangysel


Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau


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