Martin Hammond

Martin Hammond studied Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in London (school of painting and drawing).
Since he bought a house in the Berry, Central France, he has developed a series of Berry region landscape paintings. Using some favourite motifs, he has found endless variations on these themes. He also studies ceramics at Art School and he has worked with several potter friends in La Borne. Finally his own workshop and two chamber Japanese style wood fired kiln of 2 m3 were established in 1990. He designed and built himself both the kick wheels he uses and the kiln. He is an elected member of the potters Association of La Borne – the ACLB.
The clay, dug locally, is easily available, very plastic and nice to work with. It can stand up to firing temperatures of 1300°c and even more. The wood for fuel, usually oak, comes from local timber mills in the form of offcuts. The famous oak forests of central France are an enormous source of renewable material.  He finds working with two different materials, clay and oil paint, perfectly compatible and satisfactory.


Martin Hammond


Le Bourg

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