Laurent Gautier

Laurent Gautier draws or creates at the same time he turns the piece on the wheel. Researching and developing forms is essential ,and the relationship between form and colour – a monochrome punctuation on the sometimes smoky raw clay – intensifies the presence of his object-sculptures in space. Despite looking like containers, the pieces are not functional. He sometimes creates series, particularly boxes, and variants based on a shape, such as the Lentils. Laurent Gautier uses stoneware fired at high or low temperatures in wood kilns and experiments with enamels and coatings. He is a graduate of the ENSA in Bourges and has followed a long training course with Dominique Legros in low temperature firing.

Nicole Crestou

Laurent Gautier


9 rue la Fontaine
18000 Bourges

+33 (0) 6 22 61 89 51