Jean-Luc Belleville

Jean-Luc Belleville is self-taught and learned from his ceramist friends, in particular from Alain Gentil, a sculptor of unique art, and Emmanuel Buchet. J-L Belleville creates fantastical animals using traditional techniques. After precisely modelling them in stoneware and porcelain, he adds colour using oxides mixed with slip or ash glazes. Firing with wood locks in the traces of where the flames have passed. Jean-Luc Belleville is patient, a perfectionist who creates all the scales or feathers, the quills or the claws of his monsters, one after the other. Spiders, cockerels, hedgehogs, turtles, owls and frogs also complete this charming, often delirious bestiary.

Nicole Crestou


Sculpture using hollow modelling.
Treating surfaces with a variety of clays, and glazing using ash and oxides of metals, as well as slips: porcelain, nephelite and kaolin.
They are traditional yet innovatory in their shape, balance and material.
I move forward one step at a time until I achieve the piece.

My creative process is to have an open mind and spontaneous feelings, one where the audience can travelling through an imaginary, fantastical world, where dreams become reality.
My work is still an endless, hilarious journey.

Exhibition opposite the Ceramics Centre
Open from 16 April to 31 December 2011 de 3.30pm to 7pm.


Jean-Luc Belleville


18250 Henrichemont – La Borne

02 48 79 08 96