Jean Jacquinot

Jean Jacquinot had to come and live near La Borne, as he was devoted to stoneware turned on a pedal-driven wheel, reduction-fired in a wood or gas-fired kiln. Self-taught «blessed with fruitful encounters “, he experimented with various types of kilns, although he had long since chosen a style of his own. He continues to create glazed crockery and decorative pieces, turned or stamped, cut out, pastilled, in an Art Nouveau style that refers to nature. Superimposing glazes in shades of white to grey, beige to brown-black makes the pieces unique and reminds us of the flames of the “sandy limestone” of the early 20th century. A poet of the earth, Jean Jacquinot is also a poet of words, both spoken and written…

Nicole Crestou


Jean Jacquinot


Les Petits
18250 Neuilly en Sancerre

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