Isabelle Pammachius

Born Paris, 1970
Apprenticeship at CNIFOP 1995.
Set up the Boisbelle Studio in 1999.
Since 2000 shows work in France, Germany, England, Belgium and China.
Visit to Japan in 2005, and learned Oribé with Ryoji Koie
Artist in residence- Fuping, China 2007.
Isabelle Pammachius explores the field of utilitarian stoneware. The roughness of the raw material contrasts with soft glazes and heightened graphics borrowed from the East, interpreted via a totally feminine sensibility. Their shapes, defined by their usage, are not necessarily commonplace. With a perfect mastery of fantasy in her teapots, bowls and jugs, the artist invites us into her world of sharing, communication and warmth. The simplicity of her vessels is an invitation to sit up at the table. What could be more natural after all?
Philippe Chambost


Isabelle Pammachius


Atelier de Boisbelle
18250 Henrichemont

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