Restitution Résidences D’artistes

Artists in residence in 2017


 An exhibition by Zhuo Qi and Georges Sybesma

Zhuo Qi’s interest in La Borne not only focuses on the community of ceramists that drives it; it also focuses on nature and the forests of hornbeams, beeches and oaks surrounding the village. Zhuo Qi, being mindful of this fragile nature, a shady place on which light plays, this green space that is so differentiated and so far from the urban areas in which he grew up in China as a child, has chosen to work on a piece that evokes the image of a peaceful moment, one that is suspended in time, the suggestion of a landscape almost on the verge of ioverbalancing and about to tumble.

When he applied to “Résidences La Borne”, Zhuo Qi related how mix-ups and misunderstandings have, somewhat miraculously, alwayss fed his approach of fortunate, chance happenings. His work is enriched by semantic and cultural exchanges, playing on the contradictions of meaning and images generated by incongruous situations; these are always a source of wonder and amusement.

He decided to work by starting out from an object that is representative of the potter’s output. Generous jars, combed with wide furrows turned by ceramist Georges Sybesma, constitute the starting point for the work that is based on a peaceful scene that is a part of everyone’s domestic imagination. This is a bouquet of flowers placed on the table, an image that reflects both the Western way of life and the reassuring image of a home where all the household tasks are organised.

The moment when the vase falls to the ground and smashes is when Zhuo Qi animates his universe with a sense of unashamed pleasure. The flowers scatter, caught in the motion of the clatter. The flowers with stems and foliage that remain intact, rise from the ground, vertically brandishing upside down vases. The scene is a tense one, as funny and dramatic as it is contemplative.

Exhibition by Cécile Noguès and Charlotte Poulsen

“The return of the works of Charlotte and Cécile Noguès is being shown in the context of a series of pieces produced as part of a shared ouput
They are taking over the Carte Blanche space of the Contemporary Ceramic Centre of La Borne.”



 Saturday 13 October 2018 at 5 pm, “From Chaos to the Amorphous”, a conference given by Leïla Simon, exhibition curator

The notion of setting up oppositions to traditional or common forms could be the link between the residences of Cécile Noguès and Zhuo Qi. In 1951, Michel Tapié referred to the informal as a pictorial movement in which the artist and the material are both free. The artists also wish to confront the unforeseen elements related to the material. The informal is often treated in ceramics due to its plastic qualities. Many ceramists or artists have taken an interest in this notion. This material with such varied potential, if desired, can be tamed (provided, of course, that the expertise is mastered). We can also play with the idea that the form, the final result can escape us. This is how wood-firing plays an important role as a tool, in the same way as glazing or the body does.

 Leïla Simon is an exhibition curator and art critic. Since 2011, she has been co-director of Les Roches Contemporary Art Centre, and she writes both for catalogues and art magazines. She is a member of the board of directors of C-E-A (Associate Exhibition Commissioners). She is the director of the Post-Graduate Diploma Kaolin 2017 – 2018 at the Higher National School of Art in Limoges. In the same year, she joined the editorial board of the journal entitled “Possible”.


Exhibition from 13 October to 20 November 2018.

Private view Saturday 13 October 2018 at 6pm.


The “Résidences La Borne” project
The initiative of the French State, the Ceramics Association of La Borne and the municipality “Communauté de Communes Terres du Haut Berry”, gave rise to the plan to set up an Artist in Residence project for ceramic creation, with the intention of creating a momentum for the development and influence of La Borne’s ceramic production.
In the wake of the revival that this traditional village of potters experienced after the Second World War and in the 1970s with the arrival of artists from a variety of backgrounds, the ‘Résidences La Borne’ project aims to foster the sharing of the knowledge, experience and techniques to be found at La Borne. It encourages visits from artists from all walks of life who are invited to work in collaboration with La Borne’s artists, ceramists and potters to develop a common project, one of creating works of art together.
The “Résidences La Borne” project encourages experimental approaches that both enrich this existing cultural heritage and experiment technically and conceptually with the challenges of ceramic art today.