Emmanuel Buchet

A self-taught artist born in 1953 into a family working as artists since the 19th century.

“I haven’t been to any ceramics schools, I’ve done no courses or apprenticeship. I prefer to sometimes ask my colleagues for assistance, but since early childhood I have been familiar with clay. On the way to school I picked up clay that I found in piles of earth from road-digging, and I moistened it and shaped it the way I wanted to. In 1973 I set up in my forebears’ house where I built my first wood-fired kiln in 1976 and my current kiln in 1985. I have always had a passion for wood-firing on one hand, and on the other for fantasy sculptures such as dragons, gargoyles and skeletons).


Emmanuel Buchet


Emmanuel Buchet


18260 Le Noyer

02 48 58 65 96