Film projections

Sunday 26 August 5 pm

Multimedia Room CCCLB, 60 seats.  

Anagama Firing “Au champ du lac à La Borne” (“Lakefield”)
La Borne 1997. (VHS 20′), in french

Throwing, shaping, stamping, packing, firing and unpacking the kiln…. the camcorder at an arm’s length, in 1997. By Eric Astoul.


 La Borne 77. A film shot around the pot,
1977 31 minutes, in french

Director Philippe Bonnier, images Olivier Richou, sound Patrice Guillou, Sloughi production, presented by Salvatore Parisi.

Young graduate Philippe Bonnier makes his first film at the 1st Symposium of La Borne. For a month, ceramists and clay sculptors from a dozen countries, made their work in the workshops of Pierre Digan, mainly in stoneware. They filled and then fired a traditional 25 m3 wood kiln; it’s first firing since 1918.

This film is the only witness of exceptional moments of this collective adventure, which has made a lasting impression on both ceramists and visitors.

Salvatore Parisi was born in 1953 and trained in various workshops in France and Italy. He assisted painters and sculptors in their ceramic creations before devoting himself entirely to his work. Invited in 1977 by Alain Girel to participate in the first symposium of La Borne, he found in 2017 Philippe Bonnier’s film. Based in Nice, he pursues a creation of objects and sculptures of high and low temperature. He will recount his memories of the 1977 event.


Monday 27 August 5 pm

Multimedia Room CCCLB, 60 seats.


Peter Callas conference, in english

Conference and disscussion with Peter callas about his work, the Anagama firing and the 23 years of collaboration with Perter Voulkos through a slid show.

Peter Callas is an American ceramist, born in 1951, who works and lives in Belvidere, near New-York City. In Japan, he developed his knowledge of the Anagama kiln, and in 1978 he went on to build the first kiln of its type in the USA. In the same year he began collaborating with Peter Voulkos, the innovatory artist and ceramist.

Peter Callas’ work is highly diverse. His tea bowls are wood-fired, and bear witness to their strong associations with nature and his own personal history with Japan. His sculptures possess their own languages and are part of the world of contemporary art.


“Fire works” by Ben Richardson, in english

“In general as makers who use wood firing we have fabulous stories to tell and I wanted to use film to tell those stories in an engaging and creative way. My aim was to communicate what lies behind the forms and surfaces that emerge from the kiln, as I don’t expect that the qualities of woodfired ceramics will be easily understood and appreciated.“

Ben was born in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1951 and was awarded a B.Commerce degree in 1972 at the University of Tasmania. From 1978 to 1981 he studied ceramics at the School of Art in Hobart and completed a Master of Art, Design and Environment degree in 2004.

He has studied wood-fired kiln building and firing techniques in Japan and in 2004 was invited to participate in an international woodfiring workshop and conference in the United States, with his work selected for a juried international woodfiring exhibition. Ben will talk about his work with the wood fire.


Tuesday 28 August 5 pm

Multimedia Room CCCLB, 60 seats. 

« Gwyn hanssen Pigott a potters film »
Andrea et Peter Hylands film,  35 mins, in english

« A potters film » follows renowned artist, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, as she creates a series of groupings of wood-fired porcelain pots. It shows the throwing, turning, altering, glazing and firing of her work and records insight into her approach and philosophy.

Strongly connected to the development and history of contempory ceramic in the 20th century, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott still retains a remarkable presence in the 21st century ceramic movement.

The Australian potter Gwyn Hanssen Pigott (1935–2013) began woodfiring in the 1950s and spent some seven years in a studio in Acheres, not far from La Borne, from the mid-1960s until the early 1970s. She was involved in woodfiring throughout her career.


«Henna Gaijin »  (strange foreigner )
Film Asahi broadcasting co. (1962 – 30 mins), in english

This film presents Frederick Olsen working and the firing of the chamber kilns in Kyoto, Japan.  The Kyoto kilns have been out of use for over 50 years and would show today’s potters what it was like back then.

Forty years ago, in 1961, Frederick Olsen began a journey that would set the course for the rest of his life. He left the University of Southern California (USC), where he was working on his Master of Fine Arts degree under F. Carlton Ball and Susan Peterson, following his undergraduate studies at Redlands University. He headed for Japan where he would become the first Westener at the Kyoto City College of Fine Arts (Bidai) Ceramic Department.

Frederick Olsen will bring up memories about his journey in Japan.


Wednesay 29 August 5 pm

Multimedia Room CCCLB, 60 seats. 

“Grands feux en Puisaye”
Film by Jacques Tréfouël and Daniel Hénard (2004 – 52mins), in french

In this film, François Eve, a potter from St-Amand-en-Puisaye, helps us experience the intense emotion of a spectacular firing in a kiln that has been left unused for fifty years.

Presentation by Claude Aussage: as a physicist, Masters graduate of the INSEAD Business School and a specialist in the construction of wood-fired kilns, Claude has built kilns in Russia, Georgia, Denmark, France, Lithuania etc.

He was inspired by the pleasure of sharing his skills to create the Association Terra Incognita, which amongst other things has led to Franco Russian connections being forged in the course of the ‘Grands Feux’ event at La Borne in the autumn of 2017.

His ceramic work is particularly known for his stoneware pilgrims, created in different workshops as he travelled across all the continents. In 2003, Claude Aussage took part in the renowned ‘Grand feux in Puisaye’ firing, and will recount what happened there.


 Thursday 30 August 5 pm

“Le souffle de Sèvre”

Realisation Rachel Seddoh & Luc Riolon, music Félix Sabal Lecco (2016 – 29mins) in french
The biggest of six wood kilns of the Factory of Sèvres, classified as “Historic Monument, dating from XIXth century was exceptionally put back in function on October 20th, 2016. It was the opportunity to celebrate 260 years of creation in Sèvres.
The artists Nicolas Buffe, Philippe Cognée and Barthélemy Toguo were invited to paint on vases of the directory of Sèvres. Their works underwent the ordeal by fire inside this kiln from October 20th and for 33 hours.
Their creations were revealed on November 22nd, at the opening of the kiln.


Thiébaut Chagué
Director Francis Bourguer, 30 mins, in french

“If my exclusive expression with the material was born in the practice of pottery, the will to go further made me understand that this daily practice is at the origin of my expression and my approach as an artist. Research involves a degree of risk, it is a consequence and an essential necessity to put oneself in danger when one creates. If the work in the workshop is solitary, it feeds on encounters and life that is outside the workshop. During the firing I continue to work on the form through the violence of the fire which prolongs my shaping the material. By doing this, sometimes the fire reveals and finishes what has been shaped by sculpting the raw material, even if sometimes we come close to destruction and a return to nothingness. Again this risk seems necessary to me, it is all the more clear that firing with wood as I practice it – at a very high temperature – is an essential moment in the life of my workshop”. Thiebaut Chagué

“From the first view of the work of Thiébaut, I was seduced by the shapes and colors of his pottery that I found very “photogenic”. So I became his personal photographer.As a result, I was able to witness the miracle of creation by his hands and the transmutation of matter through fire many times. Witness and confidant of the artist, I think I have acquired enough knowledge and respect to be able to photograph and film, forgetting me and my collecting the confidences of the master. It is thus that we have made several slideshows, films and videos that have been used for installations in museums. This latest achievement is the culmination of more than 30 years of complicity”. Francis Bourguer


2007,  20 mins, in english

“This short film documents artist Broc Allen as he throws and assembles large energetic abstract ceramic forms. It then records the process of firing them for nearly 6 days in his large wood fired anagama kiln”.



 “Presentation of an interdisciplinary project” by Cornelius Colliander 

 Cornelius Colliander MA (philosophy) is a finnish ceramist and potter. He specialises in woodfiring ceramics, gives lectures and classes and promotes woodfiring amongst other potters of his region.

The paper he will present is about a project were ceramists, scientists and students from the department of chemsitry from the university of Aabo Akademi meet and discuss the artistic goals and scientific processes involved in woodfiring ceramics. The project is in its third year and presents amongs others interesting and new pedagogic challenges.


Friday 31 August 5 pm

Multimedia Room CCCLB, 60 seats. 


“The Art of the potter “ a film by David Outerbridge, in english, subtitles in french

This film is about a meeting between  Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada in their workshops at St Ives Great Britain and Machiko, Japan.

In this film Shoji Hamada shows his way of working and firing his wood kiln whereas Bernard Leach speaks about the east-west philosophy of potters.


“Terres brulées”
a film by Christel Ehretsmann, in french

“I had the opportunity to follow one of Seungho Yang firing in La Borne. At the time in 1998, he was in Mulhouse with a group of students, who came to La Borne with their own pieces to be fired.

I was not ceramist : Yet, the week I spent there with them made me want to know more about the spirit of Korea…”


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