Photo Competition

As part of the 3rd European Conference of Wood-Firing, the Ceramics Association of La Borne and the Log Book are organising a photographic competition.

There are four categories to choose from:

  1. Portrait of someone carrying out wood-firing
  2. Kiln and Firing
  3. View of the kiln dug-out, view from the kiln dug-out (part of the dug-out must be visible)
  4. When things go wrong, ‘firing accidents’.


How to participate:

Images should be sent before 1 August 2018 to the following address:

The images must be of good enough quality to be printed in a format of 25×20 cm (approx.3000×2000 pixels, 6mb)

A selection of photos will be made for each of the categories and these will be printed. Those photographers selected will be notified and should attend the conferences at La Borne.

Those images chosen will be put on show at La Borne from Sunday 26 August 2018 onwards, and visitors will be invited to vote for their favourite photograph in each category.

A first and second prize will be awarded for each category, based on the public votes.

The winning images will be published in the Log Book.